[New Spell] Mindflip


Koram swung his blade haphazardly against the marauding gnolls, the fighter was distracted by their yelping barks and the strange noises the priest of the Spider God was making.

‘Can someone make him stop mooing? We need some giant spiders here, sort of nowish!’

Valance was crawling on the ground, nibbling grass blades as the carnage escalated around him.

‘Kill that stupid shaman before he casts that spell again!’

A nearby cow was making gurgling sounds as it tried to communicate with the others-it was the priest of course, with his mind temporarily trapped inside that of a cow.

Mindflip (Arcane)

Level 4

Range: 10′ radius

Duration: One turn (ten minutes).

A simple, quick spell that temporarily switches the mental essences of two or more entities (except that of the caster, unless they wish too) for the duration of the spell. Used most often as a distraction, this spell can be used for all sorts of chaos and hijinx.

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