[New Magic Item] Armor of the Arachnid

Armor of the Arachnid

‘Oh just put it on!’ Valance chided Koram.

‘It’s weird! And has cobwebs all over it!’ complained the fighter.

‘And the easiest way to get us out of this cellar trap!’ snapped the priest of the Spider God.

Some time later Koram was had donned the strange armor, even the spiderish helm. Reluctantly he climbed the wall of the trap then secured a length of rope and let the cleric up.

‘Was that so bad?’ asked Valance.

‘It was hideous! And I felt like there were spiders crawling all around inside with me!’

‘Probably because there were.’

Koram shivered violently.

Given to the most loyal knights and anti-paladins of the Spider God, Armor of the Arachnid is a great reward, if a bit unsettling in appearance, with a stylized spider’s head helmet and creepy webbing all over the surface of the armor. The talons on the gauntlets look rather intimidating as well.

Benefit: Those wearing this armor may, three times per day, Spider Climb for ten minutes each time, up to 30 minutes per day. In addition, arachnids will not attack anyone wearing this armor unless the Spider God himself requests it. In addition, this affords an AC of 3 (17). The downside? This armor reduces the Charisma by 3 points while worn, this goes back to normal when the armor is taken off.

Usable by: Fighters, Clerics, anyone who can wear heavy armor.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Armor of the Arachnid

  1. trey says:

    Cool item!

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