[New Spell] Enhance Item

Enhance Item

‘Ever since old Silvus died the quality of the knives he and old Narvin made has really gone downhill,’ one of the yokels said. ‘You’d think the craftsmanship would go up, not down in time.’

‘Aye!’ agreed one of the farmers in the inn. ‘I’d say it’s because some said old Silvus was a warlock and bewitched the blades that Narvin made. Ever notice how sometimes one of those blades would disappear and people said the fairies swapped a Silvus and Narvin for one of their poor replicas? Bah! I say it was some sorcery that was placed on ’em that ran afoul.’

Enhance Item (Arcane)

Level 2

Range: Touch

Duration: One year and one day (see below)

An obscure yet handy spell, Enhance Item will cause any non-living item to transform into a better quality version (not a different item). For example, a basic dagger can become a masterwork dagger (causing +1 damage) and a masterwork dagger can become magical (+2 damage). This effect never goes beyond this, but it does change the look and consistency of an item so that a poorly crafted dagger (-1 damage) can become a slick looking average dagger (1d4 damage). At the end of this enchantment the DM/GM or caster of the spell can roll percentile dice-a result of 65% + means that the spell has become permanent.

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