[New Magic item] Bracers of the Cunning Thief

Bracers of the Cunning Thief

‘Would you stop that, you look like a monkey!’ Chalk chided Nudge.

The gnome thief smirked and his elongated arms and fingers shrank back to normal size.

‘I know, I know, you want something to do with those new magical bracers, don’t worry, something will…’

Valance burst into the room.

‘Is there a mob after you?’ Koram asked and looked out the dirty window.

‘No, I lost my new pair of lucky dice!’ complained the priest of the Spider God, ‘They fell into a grate on the street!’

‘BINGO!’ exclaimed Nudge and Chalk in unison.

Not terribly notable in a treasure hoard, the Bracers of the Cunning Thief do radiate magic, although these magical bracers usually look well worn. It is not unknown for a desperate or vile thief to backstab a comrade in order to liberate a set of these magical bracers.

Benefit: When donned these bracers give the wearer +2 to their Dexterity attribute and allow the character to double the length of either their fingers or forearms or both. This often gives thieves a great advantage when trying to escape, climb, etc, and when using percentiles for thief skills give the thief +15% to skills that would benefit from this. It does look weird when engaged and often causes alarms to wring, cries of witchcraft, etc.

Usable by: Anyone that can wear leather armor.

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