[New Magic Item] Brazier of Smoky Essence

Brazier of Smoky Essence

Nudge the gnome thief let out a shrill scream that woke most everyone in the Confused Catoblepas Inn. The innkeeper banged on the door of the common room shared by the adventurers, waking up anyone that might have missed the gnome’s outburst.

‘What is it now? I swear if your silver wasn’t sorely needed…’

‘I saw something moving by the door, over by the coat rack. Ghostly and crouched over, barely visible in the lantern light,’ the gnome squeaked, wiping sweat from his face.

The innkeeper smirked.

‘That was probably a bit of bad cheese, or too much ale.’ he replied as he walked over to the coat rack and moved it.

Just then something smoky darted for the window and seeped out slowly through a small crack in the frame.

This time the innkeeper shrieked.

‘Wait,’ Chalk said, gathering his wits,’are you saying that the cheese is off?’

Ancient beyond what the eldest of the elders can recall, this magic item is highly valuable for its great age as well as its uses. Considered ‘primitive’ by some who enchant items, the Brazier of Smoky Essence is a useful magic item that many would love to have in their collections.

Benefit: A clunky looking brazier of bronze that has been magically hardened, the Brazier of Smoky Essence, when lit with substances that will emit visible smoke allows up to three individuals to become weightless and barely tangible, taking on smoky forms themselves. With this ability those affected may fly and are not affected by physical damage, although a strong breeze will blow the individual off course and he or she cannot enter an airtight area, there must be a crack or crevice that will allow smoke to enter. That said one may be captured and held in smoke shape indefinitely in a glass container that has a proper stopper. When the brazier no longer has fuel that emits smoke (i.e. the fire lit in the device burns itself out) anyone affected by the brazier becomes flesh and blood again unless, as previously stated, they are trapped in an airtight container. Being visible, those in smoke form are often mistaken for ghosts or other incorporeal undead and many clerics have been surprised when they could not turn these transformed beings.

Usable by: Anyone.

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  1. killervp says:

    Very original one here- thanks!

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