[New magic item-Cursed] The Map That Never Gets You There

[Cursed] The Map That Never Gets You There

‘You idiots, this map cannot be right!’ Chalk shouted at Valance and Nudge.

The gnome thief managed a hurt look while the priest of the Spider God just turned his nose.

‘What’s so wrong with it?’ Valance finally asked.

‘For one, we are not in trees, like the map says we should be. And secondly, there are orc tracks all over here, where it says there are no orcs because they are too scared to come here!’ replied the sorcerer.

‘I think the map is more of a rough idea of where we need to be,’ suggested Nudge.

‘You know what I think? I think you two paid twenty gold pieces for a nonsense map and now we are more lost than ever!’

Most often a map of the area leading to That Mysterious Tower or The Hidden Dungeon of the Crazed Wizard these cursed maps are never accurate, although at a glance they seem to be. Those who sell these maps are often secret worshipers of the Gods of Mischief or other similar trickster deities.

Benefit: Some of these magic items are crisp and new, some are old and ratty looking, the best are those that are switched for the real map. Very little is accurate on one of these maps and it takes getting lost three times or a successful Int check to realize something is wrong. Nothing on the map is accurate, although it may be as close as 500′ from the actually location, which causes frustration when notable landmarks can be seen, throwing off judgement.

Usable by: Anyone stuck with it.

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One Response to [New magic item-Cursed] The Map That Never Gets You There

  1. killervp says:

    Great torture device! Using this one!

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