[New Spell] Curse-Hoarder


It started small, Valance took on an appreciation for vases. Then pots and pans..

‘That is a clever pot!’ the priest of the Spider God exclaimed to the others, showing off the rather mundane piece of cookware.

‘This isn’t good,’ Chalk warned Koram. ‘Something isn’t right.’

Two months later the spiders were vying for space among the priest’s robes with spoons, bells and other clinking trinkets.

‘Valance, this is starting to get out of hand! Nudge hasn’t been able to sneak up on a deaf ogre wuth all of that tinkling and clinking going on!’ Chalk said one day when the group’s concern was teetering on the edge of anger.

‘What do you mean?’ asked the priest of the Spider God innocently. And he was rather innocent this particular time.

‘Next town we’re paying to have this curse lifted!’ snarled Chalk.

‘What curse? What do you mean?’ asked Valance.

‘I’ll chip in if it quiets that racket down!’ quipped Nudge.

Curse-Hoarder (Arcane/Divine)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: One year and one day (see below) or until removed.

This horrible curse might seem amusing at first, however, before too long it becomes a nightmare for those around the cursed. The curse always begins in a subtle way, almost imperceptible; the target of this spell slowly takes on a fondness for collecting one or two types of things, however in time this becomes a burden to that particular individual, with encumbrance rules always an issue. Within two weeks the spell’s target is weighed down with trinkets and baubles, some broken, many worthless, this makes that individual -1 on initiative and to hit in combat due to them either adjusting their belongings or fretting over them. After two months this individual has a hoard somewhere and must pay upkeep to see it maintained that doubles every other month due to the increasing size of the acquisitions (this number can be multiplied due to those preying on the individual’s obsession with their things). Once this curse runs its course or is dispelled the target of the spell shakes off these binge collecting habits immediately.

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