[New Magic Item] Freezechange Wand

Freezechange Wand

Chalk strolled along rather smugly.

‘That was a rather huge stroke of luck!’ Nudge the gnome thief quipped.

‘What was?’ the wizard asked sharply.

‘That you had that wand handy when the prince was doubting the true nature of his advisor,’ replied the gnome.

‘No luck involved, just Fate,’ Chalk said, smiling once again.

Nudge shrugged.

‘Either way, we are doing better than that changeling infiltrator is.’

As if to punctuate that statement a long mournful cry of pain rang out from a nearby tower.

The first of these was allegedly created by one of those killjoy Gods of Law, who seem to be driven to spoil the machinations of tricksters and charlatans of every stripe. Others say a paranoid king had an archmage create one of these wands to protect against supernatural assassinations, either way, these wands can be found here and there, and using one in some places commands a heavy price, a price many members of royalty are willing to pay to assure that their court has not been infiltrated by shapeshifters.

Benefit: This unassuming wand of willow capped with silver is not liked by many shapeshifters of any stripe, not liked by any, actually. This wand holds five charges and can be recharged with the sacrifice of a fourth level spell. When cast upon a shape shifting creature (changeling, doppleganger, lycanthropes, etc) the target gets to save vs wands at -2 or revert to their original shape. If cast upon a creature that has elected to change shape, a druid or wizard casting a polymorph self spell, for example, the target also receives a save versus wands at -2, however, if this save is failed the caster becomes a twisted amalgamation of the two forms (original and assumed) with no particular abilities, but -4 to Charisma for four days when the effect wears off (short of remove curse, wish, limited wish, note that a further casting of polymorph self has no effect, yet polymorph other cast upon them will). Those with just illusory alterations and not physical transformation receive a save at -1, failing to save cancels the illusory spell.

Usable by: Magic-users and illusionists.

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