[New Magic Item-Cursed] Ring of Bleegross

Cursed: Provoking Ring of Bleegross

‘Take that ring off before I cut off your hand!’ Chalk yelled as he and Valance ran through the narrow and winding backstreets of Bottle.

‘I tried, several times! It won’t come off!’ replied the priest of the Spider God.

‘Do something fast then, the city guard are catching up, and the duke’s guard are right behind them!’

Valance began an incantation to the Spider God. Moments later a gigantic spider leaped from a nearby building and attacked several of the pursuing guards.

Chalk stopped a moment to catch his breath.

‘That’s a start, but we still need to get rid of that ring, or at least your finger….’

Nobody is quite sure who or what Bleegross is exactly, this sorcerer, demon, trickster deity, or place is lost to the ages, more than likely part of the curse. One thing is for certain, nobody ever forgets the ring, a gold band with intricate carving and a blood red ruby set in it.

Benefit: Anyone wearing the ring will notice that it is a little snug, but not painfully so. Whenever an opponent is encountered the ring goes to work, hurling insults at the opponent that the wearer of the ring cannot hear, but everyone else (friend and foe alike) can hear that sound like they are made with the wearer’s voice. After the initial provocation, the ring gets a little tighter, becoming impossible to remove without magical assistance (Remove Curse, a drop of Oil of Slipperiness, etc). Sometimes given by kings to the subjects they question to root out the truth.

Usable by: Anyone.

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