[New Monster] Nov


With a deep, guttural moan another of the muscular brutes fell. The mercenary Bakra-do whirled slowly, his blades seeking more flesh. The creatures stood backwards, dumbfounded by the swiftness of the man.

‘We give in,’ one finally said in a barely recognizable form of the Common tongue.

The mercenary sat on a nearby log and wiped his blades clean, eyeing the creatures cautiously. One by one the shambling tusked creatures wandered off into the woods, seemingly dejected to have lost to such an opponent. The mercenary ate quietly, drank some stale ale and watched his surroundings closely.

‘I still see your beady eyes in the forest!’ he called out.

With several grunts of alarm the creatures switched tactics and moved further back. Bakra-do slipped quietly into the trees in a different direction to try to avoid these things as best he could.


No. Enc.: 1-8 (3d12)

Alignment: Neutral (with Chaotic tendencies)

Movement: 120’ (40’)

Armor Class: 5

Hit Dice: 4+4

Attacks: 1

Damage: 1d6 (stomp or gore) 1d10 Charge

Save: F5

Morale: 8

Hoard Class: VIIIx2
XP: 275

The Nov (short for Novalendicus) are a race of brutish thugs of the wilds that waylay those caught out in deep woods and boggy marshes. Physically these creatures stand about five feet tall and are stout, almost appearing as ovoid masses of muscle with short, bandy legs and long, apish arms and two long tusks jut upward from the lower jaw. The Nov are covered in short fur which is almost always matted or caked with mud and filth. While these creatures do not use weapons there is rumored to be a thinner offshoot of the Nov that uses crude weapons, mainly because they lack the tusks and are smaller than these brutes.

Some merchants and adventurers have offered these creatures shiny objects and were barely able to communicate with the Nov, who will act as guards or bodyguards for short periods of time until their wilder natures prevail and they run amok in the trees once more. When in combat these monsters will either stomp with their short, powerful legs or gore with their tusks, once per turn (ten minutes) these creatures can build up a running charge that deals 1d10 points of damage and has a 65% chance of knocking over anyone of human size or smaller.

While not supernaturally able to navigate through wild areas, these creatures are as swift as deer and very quiet when they want to be.

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