[New Magic Item] Concussor Hammer

Concussor Hammer

Chalk stopped, open-jawed, as he saw Koram apparently beat himself in the head with a club.

‘What in the eleven hells are you doing?’ he shouted as the evil dwarfs cackled. Their leader stood laughing heartily as Koram struggled to stay upright then dropped to the ground.

‘I told him to bring the Crystal Sword!’ said Valance as he maneuvered several conjured giant spiders towards the now not laughing dwarfs.

Nudge stood upon the fighter’s chest, swinging his daggers furiously at any of the vile dwarfs that tried to harm the fighter further, the gnome sneering defiantly at their foes.

Allegedly created by a goddess of peace for her champions to use in combat against redeemable foes, a Hammer of the Concussor has been used a time or ten by less than noble fighters and clerics to distract and rob (and sometimes assassinate!) their enemies.

Benefit: This rather mundane and heavy looking battle hammer is surprisingly light, being held in one hand by those of Str 8 or higher. In combat a strike against a foe that is also bearing a blunt weapon (mace, hammer, club, etc) causes that for to make a save versus spells at -1 or turn the blunt weapon upon themselves, doing subdual damage by causing that individual to strike themselves in the head repeatedly for 1d4 rounds or until they reach 0HP and are unconscious (whichever is lesser). Upon gaining consciousness one will not hit themselves again with a blunt weapon unless meeting someone wielding this weapon again in combat.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a hammer in combat.

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