[New Magic Item] Watchdog Wand

Watchdog Wand

‘I really need to get that Crystal Sword out more,’ Koram lamented as he nursed a vicious looking dog bite.

‘Or,’ replied Valance,’or we need a better scout that doesn’t pounce on every lone wizard out there!’

Nudge shrugged.

‘Blame the gnome! Go ahead!’

‘What made you think a lone mage wandering through the woods was an easy mark?’ Chalk asked.

The gnome thief grumbled and nursed his own wounds.

A very rare and helpful magic wand, thought to have been created by a paranoid mage for use when adventuring, jealously guarded by those who acquire it for its obvious benefits.

Benefit: This wand conjures forth a ghostly hound that watches over the one who conjured it for up to three days or until destroyed. Only weapons of silver or +1 or more do damage to this ever alert magical canine. Wand holds five charges and is rechargeable with a level 4+ spell. The summoned hound will patrol up to 40′ from the owner of the wand.

Ethereal Watchdog: HD 4+4; AC 5; Atk (bite) 1d6+3; Save F4; Move 120 (40); XP 500; Special: Only silver or at least +1 magical weapons do damage

Usable by: Magic-users and illusionists.

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