[New Magic Item] Drum of Solidarity and Unraveling

The Drum of Solidarity and Unraveling

Chalk looked over and noticed Valance involuntarily tapping his finger, then he noticed a subtle deep beat, as of a huge drum being played far below ground, barely felt, barely audible.

‘Oh no, not that damned drummer again!’ the wizard said. Everyone jumped up and looked around.

Koram went back to sharpening his swords.

‘How are the people outside?’ he asked offhandedly.

Nudge sneaked over to a window, rather unnecessarily, and peeked outside.

‘I don’t see anyone.’

‘Right! We’d better get on this before it gets out of hand!’ Chalk told the others, gathering his magical gear.

This strange magical drum has been used to rouse the spirits of peasants into a fighting mob or to cower them just before some great foe arrives. The slickest drummers know when to play each tune for maximum effect.

Benefit: When this drum is played among a group one of two things can happen; either the group comes together and is unified in purpose or there is discord and strife among the those affected. This magic drum can be heard some distance, but in the most subtle manner which makes pinpointing its exact location difficult. The radius covers most small towns and villages and a section of larger cities. Those affected are either +1 to hit in combat (and all 0 level characters fight and save as 1st level Fighters with 5hp each) or, on the other hand, are affected as if by a Fear spell cast by a 5th level wizard and mostly cower and avoid contact with others, staying inside and not wanting any trouble. Searchers for the drummer have a 50% (plus 5%/day) chance of finding the source with an active search. To resist the effects of the drum one must pass a simple Save vs Rods, Staffs and Wands.

Usable by: Anyone.

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