[New Magic Item] Druid Tree Staff

Druid Tree Staff

‘Well that made getting over the city wall easier!’ Chalk exclaimed to the others as they sorted themselves out, adjusting gear and preparing to find refuge for the night.

‘Normally I wouldn’t pay to leave a city, but I suppose we had to,’ Valance chimed in.

‘Wasn’t it your dice game that caused us to have to leave in a hurry?’ asked Koram.

The priest of the Spider God only mumbled in return about a misunderstanding.

‘Shameful,’ moped Nudge.’I should have found us a better way out.’

Chalk cocked an eyebrow at the gnome.

‘Hey, we are just lucky we found a way out before we were thrown in jail over Valance’s questionable dice tactics. That druid was sympathetic, if a bit steep in charging.’

One of those rare and amazing druid magic items, this one also attracts thieves for obvious reasons, some of which strike deals with druids to be able to use the powers of the staff under the druid’s command.

Benefit: A very handy magic item, the Druid Tree Staff, when one end is set into the ground, will grow sturdy roots and the owner can command the tree to grow up to 30 feet high, looking like a fully grown tree. This effect lasts for up to one hour per day and the tree will always be of the same type that the staff was created from, usually oak, ash or maple, yet other types are possible. During the time the staff is activated the druid may make the ‘tree’ grow taller or shorter on command, using it as an ‘elevator’ in some instances. If activated on stone or rock, or another surface that roots will not take the staff will still grow, but will not stick in the ground, but can be used as a bridge. The druid may allow others to climb or ‘ride’ on this staff, but must remain within 10′ of the magic item while it is activated or it will return to it’s original shape and size.

Usable by: Druids.

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