[New Magic Item] Brazier of Ulum-Esh

Brazier of Ulum-Esh

Thick bluish smoke wafted about the room, but didn’t cause either of the people in the room to choke.

‘Bulum medulo asle,’ chanted the sorceress as she shook a sacred die in her cupped hands and threw it on the ground before a kneeling Bakra-do. The result was a four.

‘Very well,’ said the sorceress as she stood and quietly left the room.

The smoke billowed out of the room, engulfing the mercenary. Moments later it was gone and the brazier was cooling rapidly. The sorceress returned.

‘I do feel different,’ Bakra-do said as he looked into an oddly shaped mirror that the spellcaster offered him. His ears were longer now, pointed, his eyes much sharper, his features angular.

‘For how long?’ he asked.

The sorceress looked perplexed.

‘Why forever. You are now an elf.’

The mercenary growled.

‘I just wanted this to fool the guards!’

An odd magical item of elder days, thought to have been created by a wizard to permanently disguise his followers and minions, the effects have driven more than one recipient to drink.

Benefit: As the magic words are spoken and the die cast, up to four individuals that remain in the room one minute after the die is cast are permanently transformed into:

1 Brownie

2 Halfling or Gnome

3 Dwarf (Hill or Mountain)

4 An Elf (high, wood or other, up to DM/referee)

5 Satyr or Nymph (depending on gender)

6 Centaur

If an individual is already of the race (for example, elf) then roll again for that person. All mental faculties remain, physical abilities may change, depending on your rules.

Usable by: Anyone.

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