[New Spell] Tulpaic Death Spasm

Tulpaic Death Spasm

Koram staggered forward in pain, dropping his sword, screaming a warning to the others.

A clear and menacing hiss could be heard as the wizard revealed himself.

‘Didn’t we kill this fool in Tabasasir?’ Nudge asked.

Chalk cast a spell that took the opposing wizard by surprise:grasping hands of stone clawed at the evil spellcaster’s feet, holding him fast. Valance summoned vile spiders as Koram and Nudge rushed the wizard, blades gleaming in the late afternoon sun.

The wizard sneered and whispered another spell as he could not run.

Blades sank into flesh. The wizard howled in agony. Then exploded. Shadowy inky gore was everywhere, and in this mass of dark confusion small impish, larval, lizard-like and other shapes could be seen, all scattering to the four winds.

Nudge wiped some of the inky substance off his vest.

‘I think that might have happened the last time, too.’

Tulpaic Death Spasm (Arcane)

Level 5

Range: Self

Duration: Instantaneous.

This is a spell that a wizard casts upon themselves when death is imminent. As the caster reaches at least -2 hit points, but no more than -10, he or she explodes violently into d6+10 shadowy tulpa creatures, these run, fly, slither, scuttle, etc in random directions at a pace of 40′ (Fly 60′), each with 2 hit points and each with a very strong will to escape at all costs. Any of these creatures that escapes will meet up with any other surviving tulpas and find a place to hide that is safe. In 72 hours the spellcaster is back to their original shape and hit points (yet still missing any items worn or carried at the time).

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