[New Spell] Tempest of Wrathfulness

Tempest of Wrathfulness

Chalk stopped walking front of the inn.

‘I think this is where Valance told us to….’

His words were cut short by breaking glass as a person was thrown bodily out of an inn window.

Then the door was suddenly kicked open, the priest of the Spider God stormed out after the one he had just thrown through the window.

‘Enough is enough!’ he growled.

‘Whoa, easy there!’ Chalk said. ‘What happened?’

Valance shook his head vigorously, seeming to become himself again. The fighting man picked himself up and ran off into the shadows.

‘I’ll deal with you later!’ the priest of the Spider God called after the man.

The cleric turned to the others.

‘He is a follower of the Insect God and was squishing spiders for fun. I just lost it, I guess…’

Tempest of Wrathfulness (Divine)

Level 4

Range: Self

Duration: One turn (ten minutes) per level, per day. (see below)

When cast by a cleric or priestess the caster gains +3 to their STR and CON attributes for the duration of the spell. This ability is meant to be used against those that are in direct opposition to the casting divine practitioner. Each day the priest may ‘bank’ the duration of this spell, using some of the gained strength and constitution for one challenge then using the rest later on, dealing with another challenege, this seemingly ‘second wind’ often surprises and shocks the enemies of the clerical caster.

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