[New Spell] Forestwise


‘I think we lost them,’ Chalk whispered to the others. Sounds of the bugbear warband were fading slowly into the distance.

‘Where to now?’ Koram asked.

‘We will need a safe place to rest for one,’ Valance added.

Knat sat at the base of a tree, one palm outstretched. Her hand slowly pointed west towards a thicket. A ghostly fox ran from that area and leaped into her body, the druidess then opened her eyes.

‘We can hide in that thicket, there is a small brook of clear water that winds through it,’ she said sleepily, as if waking from a deep slumber.

Nudge quickly skittered into the brambles and scouted out a suitable spot, then hooted like an owl.

‘Why does he always make that owl sound?’ Valance asked.

‘I’m not sure,’ said Chalk. ‘Maybe it is some gnomish quirk.’

Forestwise (Druid)

Level 4

Range: Self

Duration: One turn (ten minutes) per level.

A druid must concentrate fully when casting this spell, preferably in a quiet place. The druid’s spirit takes the form of a ghostly fox and travels the area in this form, gathering information on the forest and its denizens, being hard to see (-2 on all observation/spot checks). The druid will be able to to find clean water, edible berries and game, river crossings, fae habitats, etc easily, being drawn to an area by concentrating on it.

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