[New Magic Item] (Cursed) Writ of Mhumpering

(Cursed) Writ of Mhumpering

‘Mhumpering?’ Valance said. ‘What in the eleven hells is mhumpering?’

‘I-I don’t know,’ exclaimed a shocked Chalk. ‘But I seem to have been accused of it.’

The priest of the Spider God and the sorcerer started up the steps of a shop of magical and clerical odds and ends, a burly hobgoblin guard, heavily armed, stepped forward and blocked Chalk.

‘No mhumpers allowed, sorry,’ the hobgoblin said sternly.

‘What exactly is mhumpering?’ the priest of the Spider God asked.

‘Ask your friend here, he should know, dirty mhumperer!’ was the reply.

Chalk looked absolutely dismayed.

This mildly cursed magic item is meant to annoy and slow a victim down rather than to cause any real harm. A product of the Gods of Misrule? Possibly a lesser essay in the craft of hindering and frustrating mortals.

Benefit: This minor cursed item is really much more of a hindrance or annoyance most of the time instead of a really bad thing, depending on the laws of the land, of course. Whenever a Writ of Mhumpering is handed to an individual who receives it, the deed has been done, and the deed is to have the recipient already convicted of the minor crime of ‘mhumpering’. Just what is mhumpering? It can be any minor ridiculous notion turned into a law, usually from the last town or city the individual was in, or the current place works just as well. While mhumpering requires no incarceration or real punishment, there is a bit of shaming, being excluded from certain places for up to a year, paying fines and extra duty for small services and items, etc. And this worst bit is that this mhumpering nonsense spreads like wildfire. Effect lasts for one year, at which time if the possessor hasn’t lost or destroyed the thing they may pass it on to another.

Usable by: Anyone.

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One Response to [New Magic Item] (Cursed) Writ of Mhumpering

  1. killervp says:

    There will be players who curse you for coming up with Mhumpering- genius.

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