[New Spell] Curse: Gifter

Curse: Gifter

Chalk stared at Valance.

‘You know, at first I think you deserve that spell that they cast on you for all of those ridiculous times you cheated and conned people at games of chance that you rigged. But this, this is pathetic. And now you are down to handing out spiders to children. Where does this end?’

‘I know,’ Valance replied. ‘You think this isn’t killing me? I cannot help but give away all of my stuff.’

‘We had better get this one removed before you get some kid killed by a poisonous spider and we are all on the run. Again.’

Gifter Curse (Arcane/Divine)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: One week per level of caster or until removed.

This strange curse is in many ways the opposite of the Hoarding Curse, except that this curse is usually bestowed upon the miserly and cruel-hearted, to teach them a lesson in generosity and kindness. Once touched the cursed person who fails a save versus spells at -1 will begin giving away personal items, becoming obsessed with giving his or her belongings away, usually one at a time. This compulsion can strikes whenever a new person is encountered and lasts until the duration runs out or the curse is removed as even if the person has nothing he or she will still give away items that they acquire.

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