[New Spell] My Wandering Face

My Wandering Face

‘That is always so disturbing,’ Valance said as he looked away from Chalk.

The sorcerer suddenly had one eye seal over as if it was never there.

‘Look who’s talking, spider-juggler!’ the wizard replied, then is mouth disappeared.

‘Argh! I hate that!’ the priest of the Spider God cried out.

The other eye of the wizard winked at the cleric.


My Wandering Face (Arcane)

Level 6

Range: 100′ per level of caster

Duration: One turn (ten minutes) per level.

This strange wizard’s spell combine’s Arcane Eye with Magic Mouth and the caster’s own senses. The spellcaster must have been in the area that this spell manifests in (usually a room) and at first an eye appears on a flat surface, and, if necessary, a mouth as well, and an ear. As these appear (and they do not necessarily mimic the caster’s features, more often taking hints from the atmosphere of the area) the caster ‘loses’ that sense/ability where they are-i.e. A wizard using just an eye to spy has one eye sealed over by skin, adding his or her mouth seals the mouth, an ear disappears and is sealed over with skin, etc. Unlike Arcane Eye this spell can manifest through solid objects, just as long as the caster has previously been there and thus can visualize the space before actually seeing. If spotted and attacked the eye/mouth/ear/nose has 1d4 hp (each), destroying one of these does not destroy that particular sensory organ, but causes the wizard that much hp damage. These magical eyes/mouths/ears/etc crawl slowly at speed of 6′ per turn (ten minutes).

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