[New Magic Item] Work Order of True Giants

Work Order of True Giants

Nudge ran into the small house the adventurers were sharing, his face a mixture of fear and anger.

‘Did you see that out in the town center?! A giant! A fire giant! With the blacksmith, a dwarf!’

‘Yeah, leave them alone. One of those papers we got off of that odd stranger that was hurrying through town turned out to be a magical pact of some kind that works on giants. Don’t screw it up and the giant will just walk away when he is done,’ Chalk told the gnome.

‘Walk away? A giant?! I cannot let that happen!’

‘You can and you will, or it will come down hard on all of us, get it?’

Nudge scowled and crossed his arms.

‘I get it,’ he mumbled.

A Work Order of True Giants hails back to ancient days when the relationship between giants and the smaller races wasn’t quite so strained as it is today. As giants and smaller folk began having differences (especially dwarves and humans) a grove of druids allegedly created these magical writs to try to keep the races working together. Although this failed there are still a few of these floating about that, if nothing else, will get a giant to do something good and leave an area.

Benefit: When presented to any true giant (Fire, Frost, Hill, Cloud, Storm,, Stone, etc not creatures like trolls or ogres) the presenter must make a roll against his or her Charisma attribute to convince the giant to construct or fix a structure (bridge, dam, tower, building, etc). A successful roll means that the giant will agree to this, provided a proper amount of gold and materials are provided. During this time the one presenting the magical work order and their allies may not attack the giant(s) involved in this work, if so any who betrayed the giant take double damage from any strikes from the contracted giant(s), however, during this time contracted giant(s) will also not attack and after the work is complete will leave peacefully.

Reward: 5000xp upon completion of the project.

Usable by: Anyone.

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