[New Magic Item] Bookscramble Scroll

Bookscramble Scroll

‘Find anything?’ Valance asked Chalk and Nudge.

The sorcerer and the thief both silently shook their heads.

‘Why don’t we ever have spell around to unscramble this stuff,’ the priest of the Spider God asked.

‘I’m not sure,’ replied Chalk as he read,’but instead of asking questions you could help us.’

‘Oh yeah, right.’

It is thought that this scroll was created as insurance to save the lives of a guild of scholars many centuries ago, and whether or not it was, this magic item certainly comes in handy for protecting wizards, scribes and scholars and obfuscating information from those who would take it.

Benefit: This simple scroll scrambles the contents of two or more books in a 15×15 space when the scroll is activated-at least one person must be named that will be able to read the books normally, to all others the words are so scrambled and chaotic that it is impossible to make sense of the writing. A Dispel Magic spell will undo this scroll. Without magical aid it takes 1d4 days per book to sort out. Books removed from the area will not be affected by dispelling magic.

Usable by: Anyone who can use scrolls.

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