[New Magic Item] Ring of Platitudes

Ring of Platitudes

Nudge stuck his tongue out at Chalk from behind the elf noble. Then he stood upon the throne and carefully removed the prince’s necklace while nobody else was looking except Chalk and Valance.

‘What is he doing?’ Chalk hissed. ‘He’s going to get us all killed!’

‘Let’s just hope Koram has that cart and horses ready to go and the stable blocked so we get out of here without being pincushions for their arrows,’ added the priest of the Spider God.

Chalk motioned for Nudge to get back over to where he stood with Valance. The gnome thief moved in an exaggerated way, tiptoeing like a fool. Chalk began sweating profusely.

The sorcerer grabbed one of the gnome’s pointed ears.

‘You idiot!’

‘Relax, the prince doesn’t notice me, he thinks I am one of his puppets.’

‘Because you were fawning over him like an imbecile?’

Nudge thought about revealing his secret. Instead he hid his hand with the ring from the others, just in case he needed to use it on one of them sometime.

Many scholars who have come across this magic item speculate on its exact origin, is this a creation of the gods of mischief, or of some reclusive deity of thieves? We may never know, but it causes a lot of trouble for such a small item.

Benefit: Once per day this magical ring allows it’s wearer to utter a string of inane, trite and dull statements, usually redundant praise heaped upon a subject. This causes that subject to ignore that person for one day, not noticing anything that this person does, no matter what, on a roll of 3-6 on 1d6. The target of the magic ring will not believe that this person, who heaped all of the praise, is capable of working against them to the point that the wearer of the ring is virtually invisible to the target.

Usable by: Anyone, favored by thieves.

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