[New Spell] Grave Grab

Grave Grab

‘That’s a rather interesting looking ring you have there,’ Chalk commented to Valance.

‘Oh, it’s nothing really,’ the priest of the Spider God replied quickly.

‘I’ve never seen it before, where did you get it?’ the sorcerer asked.

‘Probably found it when he was lurking around graves last night,’ offered Nudge the gnome thief.

Without hesitation Valance thumped the gnome with his fingers.

‘You should have shared the loot then!’ moped the small thief.

Grave Grab (Divine)

Level 4

Range: 20′ radius (+5’/level)

Duration: Instantaneous.

Originally intended to aid a cleric or priest in regaining important artifacts and items, like the bones of saints, somehow this spell morphed into a way to bring valuables from the departed to the hands of the caster. When cast, this spell spreads out to any grave within a 20′ (+5′ per level of priest or cleric) up to twelve feet underground and brings any valuables contained within to the feet of the caster. Does not protect against any vengeful undead.

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