[New Spell] Partialmorph (Animal)

Partialmorph (Animal)

‘How do we get out of here, the guards are everywhere?’ Valance asked, a little panicky.

‘You know, if you didn’t threaten the wrong people this wouldn’t be an issue,’ replied Chalk.

‘Boys, boys!’ interrupted Knat the druidess. ‘We go through the palace during the masked ball tonight and leave through the East Gate.’

Eyebrows raised all around.

‘Just gather your things and try not to get caught before twilight.’

Some time later, just as dusk arrived Knat returned to the adventurer’s hideout.

‘I’ve got six tickets to the ball and…’

With a flourish the druidess cast a spell, not prepared, her companions all had random animal heads.

‘Is this going to work?’ grumbled Valance who had the head of a wren.

‘If not, it is going to be one hell of a tale to tell,by whoever makes it out,’ replied a badger-headed Chalk.

Partialmorph (Animal) (Druid)

Level 2

Range: 10′ radius (+1’/level)

Duration: One hour per level of caster.

Created to give druids a bit of help when in more civilized areas, Partialmorph was devised to alter the head of all within the radius of the cast spell to whatever animal that person is concentrating on, or it is random if the person doesn’t realize what is happening. This spell is amazing at masked balls and similar events where a disguise is part of entertainment, including plays and the telling of sagas, The change is mostly cosmetic, although those affected do receive a 1d4 bite/peck/gore attack, depending on what head he or she has. As more people learned of this spell it has also been beneficial to both assassins and would-be targets of said assassins in a pinch, obfuscating the exact identity of killer or mark.

Optional: While this spell only allows for polymorphing heads into non magical animals, a 5th level version of this spell allows for changing the heads into those of magical creatures that have a 1d6 +2 bite/peck/gore/breath attack, but similar range and duration.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Partialmorph (Animal)

  1. Anub says:

    Since it doesn’t affect speaking is this spell dismissible by the recipient & is it only for willing recipients?

    • bat says:

      As with all my posts, do what you want with it-You can ignore the bit of fiction and it can affect speech, or maybe it can be dispelled by magic-users if they do not want to be subject to the spell, it is up to you.

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