[New Spell] Ectoplasmic Conveyance

Ectoplasmic Conveyance

The sorcerer Chalk peppered the strange vehicle with spells, most seemed to bounce off.

‘This is getting ridiculous’ he said.

Unhindered by the spells, the strange jelly-like thing kept walking, steered somehow from within by a strange looking wizard.

‘Let me try,’ offered Valance.

The priest of the Spider God closed his eyes and meditated a few moments, then the arachnids began to appear, huge and sinister looking, they attacked the conveyance made of ectoplasm. The thing began teetering and shambling.

Suddenly Koram ran by, screaming and waving his Silver Sword, the fighter slashed wildly at the thing. A scream was heard from within as the odd magician tried escaping.

‘Bring him here, we need to have a little chat with him,’ Chalk yelled at Koram.

‘Will do!’ the fighter responded cheerfully.

Ectoplasmic Conveyance (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: 5′

Duration: Twelve hours per level of caster.

Created by accident, the Ectoplasmic Conveyance spell creates a headless humanoid body of thick ectoplasm that will hold one human sized being quite comfortably in a relaxing environment that constantly filters in clean, fresh air. While slow (speed of 60′) and not much in combat (arm swing does 1d4 damage) this strange spell creates a tireless means of travel that is magic resistant (the one riding within the thing receives a +2 bonus to saves versus magic and magical devices) and allows the rider to travel under water and in other hostile environments in relative safety. The shell of the Ectoplasmic Conveyance can withstand 40 hit points of damage before being rendered useless.

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