[New Magic Item] Thief’s Candle

Thief’s Candle

‘He’s right behind us!’ hissed one of the thieves. ‘In these dark alleys he will find us.’

The pickpocket looked over his shoulder as one of his fellows raised a finger and searched through his pockets, in a moment he produced a dark candle.

‘Is that?’ asked the first thief.

The second grinned and nodded and found some flint and lit the candle.

The quartet of thieves stared in amazement as the candle’s soft glow revealed a winding and twisting thin strand of smoke that wafted to one side as if blown by a strong breeze, yet the air was still. The holder of the candle trailed behind, followed by the other three. A sharp howl of anger could be heard not far behind them.

”Tis Stork!’ the first thief said in a low voice, urging the others along.

Finally the candle smoke lead to a dark oaken door. The thieves all put an ear to the door, nothing on the other side. The bearer of the magical candle held out a hand and tried the door handle-unlocked!

‘Quickly!’ squeaked the third thief. They all rushed in.

Seconds later a snarl could be heard as the angry wizard Stork raged along the alley, hunting the thieves that stole a pouch that had been at his side.

A gift from the God of Thieves to his most efficient and cunning guild (as opposed to the Neverful Bags the Goddess of Thieves gave to her favored guild) these handy magic items have save a few adventurers and wizards short on spells a lot of grief and probably their lives too along the way

Benefit: When this candle is lit it must stay lit for five minutes for the magic to ‘charge up’. The smoke from this candle is thick and gray and after five minutes of being lit it can be blown out or left burning, the smoke will drift for the next five minutes if out (or continue as long as the candle is lit) to waft in the direction, like a ghostly finger, of the nearest unlocked door. The candle will burn for ten hours continuously before burning out, it will regenerate one hour per month if not used up.

Usable by: Anyone, mostly used thieves, bandits and adventurers.

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