[New Magic Item-Cursed] Blanket of Misfortune

[Cursed] Blanket of Misfortune

With a groan Chalk rolled out of bed, sat up and looked irritated.

‘What’s wrong now?’ asked Koram, who was up and had washed his face and was putting on a kettle of hot water.

‘I’m not sure, but I’m sleeping uneasily, and my spellcasting is off,’ replied the sorcerer.

Nudge grumbled as well.

‘My normal thiefly grace has been a bit off lately as well,’ contributed the gnome.

Valance gnawed on an apple.

‘It’s probably those horse blankets you two bought off of that shifty merchant with the idiot grin,’ the priest of the Spider God said sagely.

‘Nah…’ the thief and wizard replied in unison.

This sinister magic item is not really even noticeable and almost never singled out, but is usually bundled in with normal blankets, quilts, etc or given as seemingly innocuous gifts. Often sold by unscrupulous or vengeful merchants to unsuspecting or sometimes deserving adventurers. The probably is that in colder conditions the blanket may be a necessity.

Benefit: This blanket barely keeps the sleeper warm, thus providing an uncomfortable sleep, even if coupled with other normal blankets (which makes the sleeper too hot, itchy, etc). This results in an unrested individual, -2 on Dexterity based rolls for one day. Spellcasters will have a -3 Constitution and must make a Constitution attribute roll on 1d20 to recover each individual spell that he or she prepared for the next day the night before due to the uneasy sleep.

Usable by: Anyone.

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