[New Spell] Word Drone

Word Drone

Koram raised a hand for the others to stop. The fighter watched the goblin courier approaching, holding the symbol of the Messenger’s Guild in one hand and a rolled up parchment in the other.

‘Still, be wary,’ whispered Chalk.

The goblin messenger sidled up to Valance and offered the parchment. Reluctantly the priest of the Spider God took it and slipped some silver coins into the goblin’s hand. Suddenly the goblin stiffened up.

‘Read it well, and I’d do the opposite,’ the goblin said in a strange booming voice.

Valance read the note and handed it to Chalk who read it and handy it to Nudge who also read it and handed it to Koram who scowled at the gnome.

‘Oh yeah, I forgot, sorry,’ the gnome said.

The goblin then regained its composure and scampered off.

‘I don’t know, we should avoid the dwarf mercenaries? I don’t know, that sounds fishy, we could use help going over the Iron Fang Mountains,’ Nudge said.

‘What should we do?’ Chalk asked the others.

‘I’m good with dwarfs, I’ll be right back,’ Nudge assured the others.

And they never saw their gnome thief again.

Word Drone (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: Until message is delivered.

The Word Drone spell allows a magic-user to send a courier with a message implanted in his or her head any distance without the messenger’s knowledge of what they are delivering. Most often the message is sent with a physical message and the magical counterpart will have additional or contrary information, thus making it safer than possibly intercepted magical and/or mundane.

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