[New Magic Item] That Tricky Tile

That Tricky Tile

The mercenary/bounty-hunter Bakra-do eyed is quarry warily, the wizard Snam the Wily was good at living up to his name. Yet the bounty was high enough to keep Bakra-do determined to bring in this rogue mage.

Peering over his shoulder Snam the Wily unlocked the door to his apartment and slipped in quietly. Bakra-do made his way down to the apartment and did his usual kicking in of the door.

‘You are after the bounty?’ the wizard asked with fear in his voice.

‘Of course, you are wanted in Nalaj, and with a price on your head big enough to keep me out of trouble for some time.’

Snam walked over to a large stone on the wall and whispered a word. He reached inside as the bounty-hunter drew a sword.

‘Easy there, wizard.’

‘Would twenty platinum pieces and forty gold pieces keep you out of trouble for a while?’ offered the wizard.

Bakra-do smiled.

‘I have a code I live by, but I will say, that will buy you two days head start.’

‘That’s better than nothing, deal,’ replied Snam as he counted out the coins.

Two days later Bakra-do returned to the apartment to find clues, he knew the wizard was long gone. Tapping on the wall where the coins had been revealed nothing but solid stone.

A simple utility magic item, That Tricky Tile has aided many a sneaky wizard or assassin to keep the right ‘props’ ready for a given situation or helping misers keep gold, silver and other precious things hidden even better than normal, mundane ways.

Benefit: This magical tile will take on the form and shape of any similar cobblestone, tile, stone in a wall, etc and create a hinged opening that opens in any direction the owner desires to an opening roughly one foot squared. Activating this magic item requires a drop of the owner’s blood and a spoken password that will open this tiny hidden compartment. Anyone attempting to find this hidden compartment must roll a 6 on 1d6. After two tries this becomes a result of 8 on 1d8 as magical protection kicks in. Without the password the tile can be pried open with a successful Strength of 16 (or more) attribute check.

Usable by: Anyone.

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