[New Spell] Fungal Crown

Fungal Crown

Gnat approached the adventurer’s camp, giving her usual call, the whistle of a warbler. A groan of pain was the response, she hurried forward to see Chalk and the others looking a bit mauled.

‘What happened?’ she asked.

‘Bugbear ambush in the forest,’ moaned Chalk as he nursed a nasty looking wound.

‘I’m on it!’ she said. A moment of concentration and a strange organic crown appeared above her head. Reaching into a pouch at her side she began rubbing the wounds of the adventurers until they all recovered a bit.

Koram looked at Valance.

‘Why can’t you do stuff like that?’ he asked.

‘Not a lot of spiders have healing bites,’ replied the priest of the Spider God.

Fungal Crown (Druid)

Level 3

Range: Self or Touch

Duration: Ten minutes per level of caster.

When cast the Fungal Crown spell causes a spiky crown to appear on the head of the affected person who may, at will, for the duration of the spell:

  • Cause anything touched to become bioluminescent for one hour. This can be used to mark a trail, create a light source for another, light up a goblin, etc.
  • Make any form of fungus edible (this will not improve the taste, but removes all toxicity.
  • Any fungus can be used as a healing salve, healing an individual for 1d8 points of damage once a day, although multiple persons may be healed.
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