[New Spell] Returning


‘And we will hunt you down…my lord,’ the high priest said disdainfully. ‘I am obligated by law to give you one chance, and that I will.’

The king stared at those assembled in the room.

‘You are all traitors to the crown! If I make it through this trial you will all hang!’ he shouted.

Just as the priest touched the king’s shoulder a flurry of knives struck him down.

Four days later the king was a young boy again, in a small town far away, trying to get his bearings and assure the astonished townsfolk that he was not a changeling or other malevolent creature. Another fourteen days later the king resemble a much younger version of himself, the townsfolk divided.

Hoof beats approached as the hunters of the fallen king approached.

Returning (Divine)

Level 6

Range: Touch or Self

Duration: Special.

This strange clerical spell is cast upon an individual and lasts until that person dies, at which point the subject of the spell is transported up to 100 miles away and will return to infancy in as safe of an environment as can be expected. Each subsequent day for 18 days the subject of the spell grows at an alarming rate until he or she is an 18-year old with memories of their previous life. While there are many benefits to this spell, it may also be used as a sort of curse if this person loses all they held dear only to have to reclaim what they lost. Sometimes this spell is a last option in a dire situation and sometimes it is just used to rejuvenate the body, although there are rumors that after two or three times this spell is not reliable and acts like Reincarnation instead 65% of the time.

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