[New Spell] Curse of the Dog

Curse of the Dog

‘This dog has been following us for hours,’ Valance complained. ‘What do we do with it?’

Chalk looked into the sad eyes of the dog.

‘I don’t know, but it sure is laying it on thick,’ the sorcerer replied.

‘Maybe he’s hungry,’ Koram said and reached into a pouch at his side and pulled out a piece of cured meat. He tore off a piece and offered it to the dog who did not hesitate to take it and gulp it down.

Suddenly the dog began writhing on the ground and howled.

‘Was the meat poisoned?’ Valance asked in a panic.

‘Not that I notice and I have been eating it for days,’ replied the fighter.

Then the dog began getting bigger and changed into the form of a human in rags.

‘Thank you, my friends! I was cursed for stealing bread when I was hungry with a curse used on those who are cruel to animals, so nobody in my village would feed me,’ he said.

‘And now we have a thief in the group again,’ announced Valance.

Curse of the Dog (Arcane/Divine)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: Special.

This curse, also known as the Mistreater Curse, is usually reserved for those that abandon or abuse animals. Once cast upon a subject, that target transforms into the shape of a starving cur and cannot speak, only bark, whine and whimper as a dog would. The cursed person will stay in this form until he or she is fed by a sympathetic person, something that is likely to happen 19% each day. The person will not starve or dehydrate in this form, but will suffer from being voraciously hungry and thirsty, but cannot eat or drink anything not freely offered to them.

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