[New Spell] Shell of the Wild

Shell of the Wild

‘This looks silly!’ complained Koram. He stood with a huge snail shell on his back.

‘We are going into a thief’s den, what better protection than that?’ asked Chalk as he stifled a snicker.

‘Why don’t the rest of you have these?’ the fighter asked.

‘Because we are smarter than to ask druids for protective spells,’ replied Valance.

Shell of the Wild (Druid)

Level 2

Range: Touch or Self

Duration: Two hours per level of caster.

This spell creates, for its duration, a tough, light organic snail shell on the target’s back. While this spell is active it is impossible to backstab the wearer of the shell, his or her armor class is increased to 4 if it wasn’t already there, and movement is slowed by 10′. The shell can take 18 points of damage (at which time it will break and dissolve). The magical shell may also be used as a one person boat/flotation device as well.

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3 Responses to [New Spell] Shell of the Wild

  1. Cyrptweaver says:

    Love the Idea for the Spell, it reminds me of a card for MTG that WG. Can’t remember the name, but it had a women gain a armadillo-looking shell on her back and it looked awesome. Though, I would hat to face it as I’m a rogue typically… D:

    Nevertheless, it is a good idea for a Druid to have.

    • bat says:

      Thanks a million for the comment! The inspiration for this spell is from an old animated movie called Mr Bug Goes To Town that has an anthropomorphic snail called Jeepers Creepers. I thought the organic shell/shield would be a neat druid spell, I am glad you like it!

      • Cyrptweaver says:

        No Problems.
        Found the cards name was ‘Armadillo Cloak’.
        Though it’s a snail shell for your spell, I could just see the way it was being cast working for a snail’s shell. Look forward to seeing more spells.

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