[New Magic Item] Lucky Talisman of St Holver

Lucky Talisman of St Holver

With a growl the priest of the Spider God swung his mace at the thief. With an audible ‘pop’ the cleric was gone.

‘Well it works,’ commented Chalk.

‘True,’ said Koram. ‘Now we need to go and find Valance.’

‘Would you buy this trinket for three hundred gold pieces?’ asked the thief as he looked around nervously.

‘Sure,’ said Chalk who perused his pouches and pockets and found the equivalent in gems and jewels.

The bargain struck the thief quickly disappeared moments before a pair of thugs came around the corner looking for him.

St Holver was a bit of a wisecracking, down to earth priest of the Gods of Law who was granted sainthood in time and the trinket attributed to him has saved a lot of people in tight spots. Oddly this amulet works for everyone, even the lawless, which proves the capricious nature of magic and the gods.

Benefit: When worn the wearer has +2 added to their Dex score, which is always ‘on’. In addition, once per day an enemy combatant must roll a save versus Spells at -1 or be randomly teleported to a safe location up to five miles away. Finally, once per week the owner of the amulet may make a great feast appear, enough to easily provide food and drink for twenty humans (or eight halflings) to eat to their heart’s content.

Usable by: Anyone.

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