[New Magic Item] Unsettling Drums

Unsettling Drums

The constant thudding sound of the drums had started up again.

‘Let’s go,’ Chalk said as he headed towards the entrance to the dungeon.

‘I’m not going down there!’ Koram exclaimed.

‘Why not?’ asked Chalk.

‘I’ve got a bad feeling about those drums.’

‘And you, Valance?’ the sorcerer asked the priest of the Spider God.

‘Yeah, I’m with swordswinger here, I’m not too sure about this,’ replied the cleric.

‘You two are hopeless!’ lamented Chalk.

These strange connected bongo-like drums are thought to be orcish in origin, while others claim a strange cult dedicated to the Gods of Mischief to spread a bit of discord in the world. No matter the origin, it seems that the drums are excellent deterrents and great in an ambush situation.

Benefit: All within earshot of these drums (200′ in the open, 500′ in corridors, halls and other winding spaces) that are in opposition to the drummer (by faction, species, alignment, allegiance, etc) must make a save versus Spells at -1 or become Unsettled for 1d4 turns (10-40 minutes). Unsettled individuals are -2 on initiative rolls, -1 to strike and damage and must make a Wisdom attribute check on a d20 of Flee the area as if under the effects of a Fear spell.

Usable by: Anyone.

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