[New Magic Item] Lute of Thieves

Lute of Thieves

Silently the thief entered the room. He had been hard pressed to get this far, but the magical lute he bore with him had allowed him entry into this strange city and now into the wizard’s lair within. He noticed a henchman stir from his daydream. A quick tune and the guard nodded off. Without hesitation the thief pilfered what he was tasked to do and escaped. And none too soon. A short time later a horrible shriek was heard from the small tower Stork the sorcerer used as his base.

‘That sounded like him,’ Chalk confirmed. ‘I do believe we have our new thief.’

Originally a magic item created for an archmage’s friend and adventuring buddy, this magic item has been duplicated and now several of these magical musical instruments are out there in the wild world, usually in the hands of those up to no good. As this lute has impressive powers (see below) it is often changing hands and anyone caught with it in some cities will be forcibly removed (at the very least), even if innocently strumming a tune.

Benefit: It takes the owner of one of these magical lutes two weeks of training time to master the instrument, after that time the lute’s owner may use the lute to cast any of the following spells twice per day: Knock, Sleep and Spider Climb. When cast roll percentile dice, each spell has an 85% chance of being used successfully. In addition a tune can be played that will heal anyone of 1d4 points of damage. Yet another tune will Remove Fear as the spell, once per day. These latter two abilities require no roll.

Usable by: Thieves, rogues, bandits, other ne’er-do-wells.

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