[New Monster] Losparons


Stork crept deep into the labyrinth under the town of Bolki. A few twists and turns, a wrong choice at a fork, and eventually he found a dimly lit room. Snakelike forms within wriggled to attention and the lights went out, leaving Stork’s candle the only illumination.

‘What do you seek, wizard?’ a gruff voice asked.

‘Nothing more than a bit of information about a sorcerer named Chalk and his companions,’ answered Stork.

Whispering and murmuring commenced among those within the room.

‘Ten gold pieces!’ came the reply.

With a smirk as though it pained him the wizard counted out ten gold pieces and set them on the ground before him.

‘Three days gone they are, headed north. Whispers say they are headed to Serank,’ the gruff voice said.

With a nod Stork turned and left.

‘Pleasure doing business with you!’ snickered one of the creatures within the gloom.


No. Enc.: 1 (1d6)

Alignment: Neutral

Movement: 60’ (20’)

Armor Class: 7

Hit Dice: 4

Attacks: 1

Damage: 1d6 (bite or gore)

Save: F4

Morale: 7

Hoard Class: XXIIx2
Exp: 145

These odd creatures are also known as ‘Brokers of Secrets, Rumors and Betrayals’. Lurking in the unused portions of towns and cities, these creatures look like a giant constrictor that has the head of a lion and the horns of a bull. Quite intelligent, the Losparons speak a number of languages and buy and sell scraps of information, amassing a lot of treasure in their lairs. These monsters try to avoid combat, instead trying to deal in any rumors or secrets that they feel will be valuable to any would be attackers (without cutting too deeply into their profit margins). If it comes down to it, these creatures fight with either a bite or gore attack, consuming those that try to kill them. Losparons have 60′ darkvision.

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