[New Spell] Trade Plant Qualities

Trade Plant Quality

The Court Wizard raised an eyebrow as the shabby looking druid brought in a handful of leafy plants to make the prisoner ill enough to tell the truth. After looking over the plants the wizard nodded and allowed the druid to carry on. The prisoner looked miserable and was sweating profusely.

‘Don’t worry, these leaves will make you feel strong as an ox,’ the druid said with a wink.

‘Foulroot? But how?’ the prisoner whispered back.

‘Magic,’ came the reply.

Trade Plant Quality (Druid)

Level 2

Range: Touch

Duration: Effect lasts one day per level of druid.

This druid spell trades the qualities of one plant for another (both must be touched by the druid when casting this spell). Healing can become poison, nutritious can be switched for no nutritional value and vice versa. Any two plants can switch qualities, but retain the same look, feel, taste, smell, etc for the duration of the spell. Detect Magic will reveal that a spell has been cast upon the affected plants, but not which spell.

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