[New Spell] War Shield

War Shield

Chalk and the others made it to Nolm right before the ghouls attacked. Valance called titanic spiders as Chalk threw spells and Koram swung his sword and bashed at the undead when he could with his shield.

Moving silently through the crowd a priestess in indigo robes strode up to the fighter and touched his shield. Instantly the shield glowed and renewed with confidence Koram struck with more savagery and it seemed that none of the ghouls could hit back with any effectiveness.

Koram smirked at Valance.

‘I don’t cast that sort of spell,’ the priest of the Spider God said indignantly.

‘It would be nice if you could learn to,’ mumbled Koram.

War Shield (Cleric)

Level 2

Range: Touch

Duration: One turn (ten minutes) per level of caster.

This simple cleric spell allows the priest to temporarily enchant a shield and make it magical. Usually cast right before an oncoming conflict, War Shield grants a +2 protection to any shield carried by those affected by this spell. Such a temporarily enchanted shield is not subject to sundering or damage until the spell’s duration elapses.

Option: The shield also radiates light that gives any undead/infernal creatures facing the shield a -2 to strike.

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