[New Magic Item] Mask of Law

Mask of Law

The adventurers sat together in the lofty room of the inn. Koram passed a shiny mask to Chalk the wizard. The sorcerer put the mask on.

‘Nope, we can’t do that, either. This place is stricter than I thought,’ he said. ‘Or that. Or even that!’

With a grumble the wizard removed the metallic mask and handed it to Valance.

‘No, I’m fine, thanks,’ replied the priest of the Spider God.

‘Don’t you want to….,’ began the wizard.

‘No, I think I’ll pass and not be shocked today and suffer a wound.’

‘Fair enough.’

Created many years ago for Grand Constables, these magical masks are rare and highly coveted, used by all sorts of law bringing types to enforce laws and codes. While wearing one of these masks the wearer becomes the embodiment of Law, and they may draw extra attention from Chaotic types. The mask looks like a human/elven face, but halfing, gnome and dwarf variants have been noted.

Benefit: When worn on the face this silvery-golden mask grants the wearer the knowledge of all relevant laws and ordinances in a particular area. The wearer can enforce these laws as if using a Fear spell in which the victim is -2 to save. This effect only lasts for twenty minutes after the wearer of the magic item has rebuked the subject. This can be used three times per day. The possessor cannot lie or break any laws while possessing this magic item. Causes one point of damage per day to any Chaotic individuals possessing this magic item.

Usable by: Any non-chaotic individual.

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