[New Monster] Eldritch Maw

Eldritch Maw

As the band of orc thugs was closing in on Bakra-do the mercenary peered down off the small ledge and saw a half a dozen writhing tentacles surrounding a maw below him.

‘It never ends’ he muttered to himself.

The orcs closed in, hissing and cursing at the mercenary. The fight began, Bakra-do cutting down an orc almost immediately, more pressed in, their sheer mass pushing him towards the edge of the cliff. Losing his balance the mercenary fell off the edge. He turned to face the creature, swords at the ready. First a tentacle seized his ankle, then another an arm and before he knew it he was dragged into the cruel looking mouth.

And then, he was suddenly outside in the sunshine, feeling a bit tired and run down, but without any wounds.

Moments later a yip could be heard, another answered it. Bakra-do turned and saw a hyena-headed gnoll cautiously approach him. Two others were creeping up in the background.

‘It never ends’ the mercenary muttered to himself as he raised his swords.

Eldritch Maw

No. Enc.: 1(0)

Alignment: Neutral

Movement: 9′ (3’)

Armor Class: 7

Hit Dice: 8

Attacks: 1

Damage: 1d4 (bite or tentacle constriction)

Save: F4

Morale: 12

Hoard Class: None

XP: 800

This strange dungeon hazard looks like a large mouth with titanic fangs surrounded by six writhing tentacles. Four black beady eyes surround the vicious mouth, guiding the tentacles and a snail like foot allows the thing to creep slowly along. In combat the Eldritch Maw often tries seizing one opponent and if four of the six tentacles grip one creature that individual is -2 to strike and -3 to damage in combat. Seized creatures are often dropped into the mouth of the thing and then a strange occurrence happens-the creature deals 1d4 points of damage as it ‘feeds’ off of its victim’s stamina, leaving the individual in a random area within one half mile of it in a safe place (safe meaning not stuck partway into a wall or floor or underwater, but not necessarily in a place where there are no foes).

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