[New Magic Item] Anti-planar Sash

Anti-planar Sash

Chalk turned to the other sorcerer.

‘What are you doing?’

‘Calling up something to deal with you!’ came the reply.

Chalk took a deep breath and prepared a spell.

Arkalabis screeched a few words and smoke appeared. As the smoke slowly wafted away a low growl could be heard, something bipedal and big shifted its weight from one foot to the other. The creature stepped forth.

‘Arkalabis, you test my patience,’ the thing growled as it shambled forward.

The thing raised a clawed hand and noticed something on the summoner.

‘The sash!’ it shrieked.

‘Get your blood from him,’ Arkalabis said coolly, jerking a thumb towards Chalk.

The creature turned towards Chalk and grinned evilly.

‘Damn,’ the wizard said before he tossed his spell at the demon.

Suddenly spiders came scuttling along the walls en masse.

Also known as the Sash of Alkazab, this potent magic item is highly coveted by those who deal with (as in fight) extra-planar entities. The downside is that getting help from Outsiders on your side isn’t as easy. Alkazab was a legendary summoner of creatures that had many amazing buildings built for him virtually overnight by summoned creatures, then one night he mysteriously disappeared, as these archmages often do in such tales.

Benefit: When worn this magical sash grants the wearer +2 to strike creatures and entities from other planes of existence while these same individuals are -2 to Strike and Damage the sash’s wearer. On the flip side, the wearer is considered to have a Charisma score of -4 to extra-planar creatures of a similar outlook/alignment as the wearer.

Usable by: Anyone, very common with those who fight or deal with Outsiders.

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