[New Spell] Involuntary Leap

Involuntary Leap

Chasing a pair of mage-thieves through twisting alleys and along narrow back streets Chalk hurled a strange spell that caught one of the magic-users off-guard and caused a leg to become oversized and throw him off balance. Twirling on one heeling the other arcane thief threw a spell at Chalk as he approached and caught him unawares. For a moment the wizard struggle against the magic, but this time he failed and found himself leaping onto the roof of the house behind him.

As the other thief hobbled along down below and the pair of miscreants found a place to hide Chalk dusted himself off.

‘Valance was right, I should have brought him along,’ the wizard murmured to himself.

Involuntary Leap (Arcane)

Level 1

Range: 10′

Duration: Instantaneous.

A rather rudimentary spell, Involuntary Leap causes one subject within 10′ of the caster to jump 20′ (+5′ per level of caster) up and/or over that fails a Save vs Spells check (a subject can willingly leap as well, but the spell is intended to inconvenience others). This handy spell can put an enemy onto a roof, across a river, etc. Landing can be rough and will do 1d4+1 points of damage.

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