[New Spell] Eye Tracer

Eye Tracer

Stork murmured the words of a spell and stood back. A line, faint at first, appeared between himself and a bard in the small square below. As the bard looked around he made eye contact with the sneering wizard and made a run for the nearest alley.
Effortlessly Stork floated down off of the balcony using another spell and sped in pursuit, following the grey line that connect him to the bard. Minutes later he kicked open the door of a small shack and grabbed the bard by an arm.

‘Where are they?’ he demanded.

‘How-how did you find me so easily?’ the bard stammered.

‘Answer or die!’ sneered the sorcerer.

The bard began talking. Yet, as per Stork’s usual policy, he left no witnesses.

Eye Tracer (Arcane)

Level 4

Range: Line of Sight

Duration: Two turn (twenty minutes) per level of caster.

When the caster catches sight of his or her target and casts this spell a thin grey line connects the two. This line is visible only to the caster and any he or she wish to see it. This magic will twist and turn as the target moves, and will keep the two connected for the duration of the spell or until one or the other leaves the particular plane they are both on. The target receives a Save versus Spells to avoid being traced.

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