[New Spell] Thunderstrike


Without warning someone appeared as if by a giant leap among the adventurers and a sudden thunderclap knocked everyone over.

Cursing, Valance glared at their attacker.

‘Lostig Verq! Priest of the Insect God!’ he roared.

With a snicker the cleric ran off into the trees as the priest of the Spider God and his companions dusted themselves off and groaned from wounds caused by the attack.

‘We have one more foe to keep an eye out for,’ said Valance.

‘Great, just what we need,’ grumbled Chalk.

Thunderstrike (Cleric)

Level 3

Range: 20’radius (+5’/level)

Duration: Instantaneous.

A powerful spell, Thunderstrike will teleport a priest or priestess into the middle of a group of enemies within line of sight, a loud thunderclap is heard and all foes within radius of the spell must make a save versus Spells at -1 or take 1d6 points of damage and become prone for two rounds. A very impressive and showy spell, this clerical magic also causes all creatures in the radius of the spell under 2HD to flee as soon as possible as if affected by the Fear spell.

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