[New Monster] Knight of Wayward Paths

Knight of Wayward Paths

The quintet of young adventurers encountered the knight as he rode along the outskirts of town.

‘Do you know the way to Dalvesby?’ one of them asked.

The knight turned to regard the young wizard who asked, eyes hidden within a horned helm.

‘Down yonder road, follow the creek for about a mile, then turn left at the fork in the road,’ responded the knight as he pointed with a wicked looking ax.

The obviously nervous explorers thanked the grim looking knight as they marched into an ambush set by the cruel and vile villain.

Knight of Wayward Paths

No. Enc.: 1

Alignment: Chaotic (Chaotic Evil in AS&SH)

Movement: 90′ (30′) on Warhorse: 120′ (40’) (30, on Warhorse 60 in AS&SH)

Armor Class: 2

Hit Dice: 4+4

Attacks: 1

Damage: 1d6 or by weapon

Save: F6 (Saving Throw 12 in AS&SH)

Size: M (6′ feet tall on average)

Morale: 10

Hoard Class: XXx2 (Treasure Type D, Qx3 in AS&SH)

XP: 350

These intelligent and supremely evil creatures appear as knights in armor, always appearing as a single knight, although a small retinue of retainers/supporters can often be found in tow (1d10 bandits and/or fighters, none over level 3). Outwardly offering help, guidance or advice, inwardly these individuals are seething with hatred and looking for an opportunity to betray, rob and slay those they encounter. This vile knights exude a Protection Against Good aura about themselves in a 10′ radius, often bear magical swords, axes or maces and their armor is most always at least a +2 magical gift from their evil and chaotic gods.

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