[New Magic Item] Horn of the Cyclops

Horn of the Cyclops

Chalk and the dwarf concluded their talk and shook hands.

‘I never forget an agreement, manling,’ the dwarf said as the wizard walked off.

‘Nor do I, we have a deal,’ Chalk replied back.

‘What was that all about?’ Valance asked.

‘We have a job, boys, we need to acquire a magical horn from the Duchy of Hask,’ Chalk answered.

‘There is not even a thief among us, how are we going to do this?’ Koram asked.

‘By using our wits and the information that dwarf gave me,’ Chalk said.

‘Why is the dwarf so interested?’ asked Valance.

‘I am not sure, but I get the impression he really doesn’t like the thing we are looking for.’

At first considered a joke gift to the King of Zav, in no time the ruler realized that he could compete with his dwarven neighbors in the nearby hills. Before too long the King of Zav became crueler and rotated his subjects to maximize their production. In the end he made his point and outclassed the rusty dwarf outpost, at the cost of his life as his enslaved subjects turned against him.

Benefit: When winded this magical horn makes all, except the bearer of the horn, skilled in blacksmithing, making jewelry and metalworking. All with no skill may make mastercraft items (essentially +1 to damage) or items that are complicated/rare. Those with metalworking and/or blacksmithing skills can make magical items, including weapons up to +2 that have a special quality and unique and complicated items, including traps, mechanical toys, etc. This effect lasts for three days or until the horn is heard again by those affected.

Usable by: Anyone. Dwarfs and gnomes seem to hate this item and will destroy or ‘lose’ a Horn of the Cyclops as soon as possible.

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