[New Spell] Planetuner


Chalk sat with the other wizards in the guild headquarters, tonight after much discussion spells would be traded and talked about.

‘Something is not right,’ exclaimed Archmage Karakos. ‘One of us is an imposter.’

The eight spellcasters exchanged glances.

‘But who?’ asked the sorcerer Malingus.

‘Oh, that is quite easy, it is you!’ the Archmage said.

Gasps were heard around the room.

‘By means of a simple spell, fiend!’

Malingus snarled and shed his disguise, taking on a demonic countenance. As the wizards prepared spells the imposter dashed to a nearby window and leaped through the glass.

‘I could sure use that spell,’ sulked Chalk, hoping he could afford it.

Planetuner (Arcane/Cleric)

Level 3

Range: 40′ radius

Duration: One turn (ten minutes) per level of caster.

By using this spell a mage or cleric can easily tell if a creature within the radius of the spell is of extra-planar origin and what plane the creature originated from. This will not expose doppelgangers or other shape shifters of terrestrial origin, however the aura cast will reveal invisible or hidden extra-planar creatures. Beings with 6HD+ receive a +1 Save versus Spells against being revealed.

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